Company PANcontrol, Ltd. was established by experts in technical cybernetics and TV broadcast technicians in the end of 1997. Founders of PANcontrol, Ltd. represented the core of team that successfully developed the new full automated TV broadcast control system. Company was officially registered in December 1997 as Industrial Automation & Control,Ltd. Business activities was started in January 1998.

Companions realised huge changes in the company structure and its business orientation in the middle of 1998. The company name and owner's structure was changed too. Companions passed new bussiness plan focused on support of technical development. From this time company used name PANcontrol,Ltd.

PANcontrol,Ltd. is now mainly oriented on development and implementation of advanced control solutions. Company offers custom control systems based on PC platform. We support our customers wide range of software services and also development and production of unique control instruments. Following branch of business activities is realisation of database solutions.


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